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Local Restaurants


Scratch Neapolitan wood-fired pizza and meatballs, co-located with NEW Ales Brewing.


Craft Kitchen & Bar


The name says it all. Yum!


Restaurant Recommendations

There are some lovely restaurants nearby which we recommend you check out. Below are some of our favorites-- enjoy!



  • Steel City Pizza (attached to NEW Ales Brewing) is a diamond in the rough. Their scratch kitchen with fresh dough, homemade meatballs, cookies, and fresh ingredients is a breath of fresh air. They serve Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza in their open kitchen where you can watch the team make your food and see your pizza cook. (P.S. We happen to own the place, so feel free to hit us up in your host chat if you have questions!) 1330 Manchester Ave, Middletown, OH 45042 Order online for pick-up or takeout if you feel like a night in: (1 mi)



  • Veracruz has some of the best Mexican food in Middletown. 1230 Elliott Drive, Middletown, Ohio 45044 (513) 422-4271 (2.8 mi)



You can’t go wrong with either of the below melt-in-your-mouth BBQ joints nearby in Middletown!

  • Combs BBQ: 2223 Central Ave, Middletown, OH 45044 (1.1 mi)

  • Brent’s Smokin’ Butts and BBQ: 640 N University Blvd, Middletown, OH 45042, (513)464-9199 (1.5 mi)



  • Bourbon’s Craft Kitchen & Bar has the best burgers in town. The menu is great, and the bar is loaded with every bourbon you can think of. It is within walking distance! 2231 North Verity Parkway, Middletown, Ohio 45042 (513) 217-0099 (0.3 mi) 



  • Primo Italian Steakhouse is a must-have treat if you’re ok with a bit higher budget. Absolutely delicious pastas in addition to the Prime Angus steak. Their bourbon selection is top notch, and the ambiance and hospitality is unmatched. 6 S Broad St, Middletown, OH 45044 (513)392-2100



  • NEW Ales Brewing has just that: a consistent rotation of NEW craft beers in a family-friendly atmosphere. Attached to Steel City Pizza, the venue is a perfect location for a gathering of two or 15. 1330 Manchester Ave, Middletown OH 45042 (1.0 mi)

  • Gravel Road Brewing Company is a warehouse-like space with delicious beer, brewed by a former Carillon brewer. 916 1st Ave, Middletown, OH 45044 (1.2 mi)

  • Swire Inn is a quaint Scottish Pub is tucked away downtown. It has decent food with an outdoor patio. 64 South Main Street, Middletown, Ohio 45044 (513) 318-9933 (1.1 mi)

  • West Central Wine is a small wine bar in downtown Middletown, serving reasonably priced wine by the glass. Check their hours before committing, as they sometimes host private parties. 1120 Central Ave, Middletown, OH 45044 (513)433-1074 (1.1 mi)


  • The Cracked Pot is a unique creperie and coffee bar, located in a quaint house along Central Avenue. The owners are some of the nicest and most fun people you will meet! 2024 Central Ave, Middletown, OH 45044 (513) 997-1018 (2.0 mi) 

  • Java Johnny’s is a staple coffee shop in town. They roast their own beans and have breakfast and lunch sandwiches. It’s a great place to get some work done if you feel like getting out of the house. 3534 Central Ave, Middletown, Ohio 45044 (513) 727-9722 (2.5 mi) 

  • Triple Moon Cafe is a local coffee bar with soup and sandwiches that is located downtown. 1100 Central Avenue, Middletown, Ohio 45044 (513) 849-2220 (1.0 mi) 



  • The Meadows is wonderful. Amy is an amazing chef and her menu is creative, with flavors that will keep you coming back. Her husband Rick (whom you are likely to find greeting you at the door) is the inventor of Febreze! Ask them all about it. Be sure to call ahead to ensure they are open; the high-end cuisine comes with less predictable hours than other restaurants. 2102 Yankee Road, Middletown, Ohio 45044 (513) 649-8168 (2.5 mi)

  • Mz. Jade’s Soul Food brings the crowds in from afar! Her warm personality adds soul to her already soul-full dynamic. 1131 Central Ave, Middletown, OH 45044 (513)571-1150 (1.1 mi)

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